Spinal Cord Injuries Attorneys Serving Chicago, Illinois

If you have suffered from a spinal cord injury, Cuda Law Offices, Ltd. may be able to help you seek compensation. Spinal cord injuries are incredibly serious and can alter your entire life. In addition to the physical and emotional difficulties you are facing, you should not also have to suffer financially. Our proficient personal injury attorneys will let you know what your legal options are and will do everything we can to make sure that your case is handled quickly and that you get the compensation you deserve.

Spinal cord injuries are incredibly serious and occur if there is damage to the cells in the spinal cord or if the nerve tracts have been severed that send signals up and down the spinal cord. Symptoms of damage to the spinal cord include:

  • Lack of coordination
  • Loss of bowel or bladder control
  • Numbness/tingling
  • Pain
  • Paralysis
  • Weakness

The two types of spinal cord injuries that occur most often are compression of the spinal cord and bruising of the spinal cord. There are many different ways that someone can sustain a spinal cord injury and Cuda Law Offices, Ltd. has experience helping clients who have suffered a spinal cord injury from:

  • Bullet wounds
  • Diving accidents
  • Electric shock
  • Dangerous twisting of the trunk
  • Sports injuries
  • Stab wounds
  • Workplace accidents